Numbered Books

I just finished the 3 mistakes of my life by Chetan Bhagat …. And it became one of the mistakes of my life. It makes me wonder if Chetan is writing script for movies and trying out his side business in form of published books…

No, I’m not a critic but just want to share the bad time I had reading the book. I am just a sincere novel addict who loves to explore the writer’s world in his words. I confess that the more I found Chetan’s 1st book, 5 points someoneinteresting, the more I loathed the other 2 for lacking the originality. I was able to see the smartness of this IIT-IIM alumnus in creating this deep line of differences in each book. 


Flying high with the Youth icon title has made the author stick to the lives of Youth, but it was missing its creativeness of the so-called Youth –Interested book. Even if we mark off the call center book for its broad changes from other two. The 3rd book was found very close to the author’s 1st book. If not for the city of Gujarat and the good boy character Ali, the book was nothing but Hari, Ryan and Alok in Gujarat with Hari’s crush being not on professor’s daughter but on Ryan’s sister. And thanks to Om’s death(Because I expected him to be back like Alok) that woke me up to the realisation that I was not reading the author’s 1st book and also as a girl reading the book, I happen to take the incident hit my emotional quotient. Also, there seems to be some serious confusion for keeping the story in-line with the Godhra incident.

Now this makes me wonder on the credibility of the e-mail received by him from the businessman. Anyway, that’s the author’s and publisher’s problem. Me, as a good reader all I want from this Indian author is some originality  and good emotions in the book. 


And if Chetan happens to go through my blog,

(Note: Don’t worry after reading the page. I’m still a true Indian, so, I’ll continue reading such books and no matter however crap they are.)



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Insane Quotes

  1. scribbleDon’t try to understand me, the result would be either you’ll go mad or you’ll start loving me .
  2. Every woman is special, so every man wants to be multi-specialized.
  3. When a woman understands herself, she cant stand another women like her .
  4. The result of anger is worser than the reason for anger (Unknown)
  5. Understood life, but still learning to live it….. 
  6. When you are mad about something, You are either going to win it all or lose it all, and if nothing happens it means you’ve lost value of yourself .
  7. If human beings had remote to control their emotions,then the world would be a mad man’s kingdom.
  8. Granny says it right, ” You need Beauty, Brains or Bucks for others to listen to you.” ( Wondering what I possess that makes you read this ) 😉 😉 
  9. I dont live according to books, I live to make one…. 🙂 
  10. Insane would never regret for her silence.
  11. Loneliness describes man’s true self.
  12. The best moments in life goes unsaid.


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Insanity Begins….

Ok so the story begins like this…

This Insane creature has gained and lost lots of things in life because of her gabby nature.

Loquaciousness being an in-borne quality of Insane, boredom piling up, Insanity hit to the extreme. Also as Mr.and Mrs.Responsible(as they consider themselves so) put them responsibly into the task of finding Mr. Better Insane. Now, she was completely jobless for her age.

She put down all her thoughts in bits and pieces that she could find around. Raji’s idea of creating blogs peeped into her mind. So, she started to pen it all virtually. And at last here it is


Now you like it or not, this is herself. Comments Welcome, Judgments Reserved.


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